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  C Band 180cm (6 feet) satellite dish antenna

Specifications ...
Panel (Sector Divided) 6 Panels (with rolled-in edge to against deformation)
Diameter(cm) 180CM
Material Steel
Finish of reflector Polyester Powder Coating
Net Weight (Kg) 22.00kg
Avialable Mount Type Pole Mount / Ground Mount
Focus Length 68.4
C-BAND Gain @4.0GHz 36.35dB +/- 1dB
KU-BAND Gain @12.5GHz 46.75dB +/- 1dB
Ambient Temperature -40oC ~ +60oC
Aperture Efficiency >80%
Survival Wind 180 km/H
Relative Humidity 0~100%
F/D Ratio 0.38
Azimute ( o ) 0㡫360/0㡫360

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